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The A2 bus service currently operated by First Group, serving Weston-super-Mare, Worle, Banwell, Lower Langford, Wrington, through to Bristol Airport, will operate a reduced timetable from January 2018. The service will be discontinued from April 2018. We have lobbied First Group against this decision. However, First Group have responded to say that they are "unable to provide viable alternative arrangements." 

We understand the dismay that families will feel at the loss of a service that is vital both as a route to school and also as a connection between communities that otherwise rely entirely on the use of private cars. We feel that the withdrawal of the A2 will strike hardest at those who rely on public transport - not only our students, but also the elderly and low-paid or unemployed, and vulnerable adults in the community. It will also serve to put further pressure on a road network that is already notorious for its black spots in Banwell and Churchill. We also feel that it is contrary to propose significant new housing in our communities on one side, whilst withdrawing public transport links on the other. 

The Academy has raised this issue with Councillor Elfan Ap Rees (Deputy Leader of North Somerset Council and Executive Member for Planning and Transportation Services), Councillor Nigel Ashton, Leader of the Council, and Colin Medus, the officer in charge of Transportation including bus services. We have also contacted Churchill and Langford Parish Council, Banwell Parish Council, and Wrington Parish Council to seek their support. We have also raised the issue with John Penrose, MP. We will update families when we have received responses. 

Should families wish to raise the issue themselves, please feel free to do so. Contact details are below: 

  • Councillor Elfan Ap Rees
    • Deputy Leader & Executive Member for Planning and Transportation Services
    • North Somerset Council
    • Town Hall
    • Walliscote Grove Road
    • Weston-super-Mare
    • BS23 1UJ
  • John Penrose MP
    • 24-26 Alexandra Parade
    • Weston-super-Mare
    • BS23 1QX

With thanks to all families for their support. 

Update 15th January 2018: we had a positive meeting with a representative from Churchill and Langford Parish Council who are lobbying North Somerset Council in support of the Academy and on their own behalf. 

Update 16th January 2018: we have received a copy of a supportive letter from John Penrose, MP to Councillor Elfan Ap Rees asking for information about the Council's plans to ensure students can get to school. We have also received correspondence from Wrington Parish Council as follows: "Wrington Parish Council appreciates the difficulty no bus to and from Weston will cause residents and are currently in discussion with the airport and North Somerset Council about options."

Update April 2018: we have heard that the A2 bus will continue to run through May 2018, but we have not had official confirmation of this. 

 Update May 2018: update from First Bus West of England: 

As originally announced in January, Service A2 will be withdrawn from 27 May 2018.  North Somerset Council will be providing a replacement service for a number of customers that currently use Service A2 and further details will be provided shortly.

Customers travelling between Sandford, Banwell, Locking and Weston-super-Mare will be able to use Service 126 as an alternative. As we have stated previously, Service A2 is not commercially viable and North Somerset Council are unable to continue to provide financial support for Service A2.

 Please see below for information about alternatives available.



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