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The Academy use SMILE, our 'School Managed Information and Learning Environment' and contains the Icaris behaviour management module within it. All staff, students and families can access Smile to view up to the minute information on a range of topics.

How to Access Smile

If you have never accessed Smile, then you will need to register your e-mail address with us using this form. You might like to try your e-mail on this Smile page in case we might already have it on our records system.

Once we have your e-mail address on our records, you will use that as your username to access Smile. You can set a password by following the instructions in this sheet, which applies to getting a password and also to changing your password if you want to later.

Once you have set a password, then you can log into Smile by clicking on the 'Login Link' button at the top right hand corner of the website and selecting 'Parent Login', which will take you to this page.

If you encounter a problem with access to Smile, then please write to our IT Manager, Chris Shorland at


I can’t login from home; it says something about credentials

If you click on LOGIN LINKS in the top right of the page a bar will appear with options. The option you need to access your school files is Remote Access >. When you click on this a message box should appear asking if you want to 'save' or 'open' the download. If you chose to 'save' then save it to somewhere you can find the program; the desktop is a good place. Once saved on the desktop you can then double click the new icon and away you go. If you chose to 'open' then you will go straight to the login.

You will be asked to enter a username. This MUST be in the format "churchill\xxxxx"; the word churchill followed by a backslash (that's the \ on the left of most keyboards) then replace xxxxx with the five digit student number you use to log in with at the Academy. Staff replace the xxxxx with your staff code.

There may be an option to 'save' your credentials which you should not do. If you save them then anyone using your PC will be able to log in to the Academy without using a username and password as your computer will remember it.

How do I connect my mobile device to the Academy Network?

There are separate wireless networks for Academy equipment and for devices and computers brought in by students and visitors. The Academy “open” wireless network broadcasts the name “GuestNet” and has no security key or encryption. You will, however need to set the Proxy Settings of your browser. If you are using a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer that supports automatic configuration, then this will work. If not, then find the proxy settings on your device or web browser and type in the proxy server address as (sometimes these numbers are in 4 separate boxes, but usually they are separated with full stops as shown) and port 8080. You will then need to use your Academy credentials to log in to the Proxy server. This MUST be in the format "churchill\xxxxx"; the word churchill followed by a backslash (that's the \ on the left of most keyboards) then replace xxxxx with the five digit student number you use to log in with at the Academy. Staff replace the xxxxx with your staff code.

I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password then you can ask your teacher to reset it for you. They will be able to request an instant password change and it will be set to some random letters and numbers. You can then log in with this random password and then set a new password yourself. Please remember to keep your password safe; don’t tell anyone your password! When entering your password make sure that no one is looking over your shoulder to try an obtain your password.

I have lost some files

The Academy servers may ‘shadow’ copies of your files 4 times during the school day. This means that files can be recovered from earlier in the day if required. There are also longer term backups made which can be accessed if necessary. If a student has ‘lost’ files they need to go to the IT Support Office.

I edited a file, saved and closed it and now I can’t find it.

This usually happens when you edit a file that has been sent via email. If you get an email with an attached document you need to save the document to your user area first; before starting to edit it. Once in your user area then you can edit and save it normally. If you double click the attached file, edit it and save it then it disappears into a local file cache on the pc you are working on and when you log off it is automatically deleted as part of the operating system function and cannot be recovered.

I have made a movie at home with Microsoft Movie Maker and I cannot open it at the Academy.

This problem had occurred due to version variations and the new version of Microsoft Movie Maker not being able to open files created in the older formats. This has now been resolved as we run both versions. You need to take care though! When you save a project at home it links to movie files on your local PC. If you just save the project file to a memory stick then when you get to the Academy it will not be able to find the actual video clips and therefore not work. You either need to save all the video clips onto a memory stick and then create a project on that memory stick importing video from the memory stick OR use the option to create the final video and save this to the memory stick. Your teacher can help you here.

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