Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Pastoral System

At Churchill Academy & Sixth Form we have established a structure that addresses each individual’s needs within the large family that makes up our Academy community. The Academy is organised into vertical tutor groups that consist of students from Year 7 to 11 built around a well-established House system; the Sixth Form (Year 12 and 13) is separate.

Academically, subjects are managed within Faculty teams. The broad and balanced curriculum is complemented by opportunities for further enrichment.

We expect all students to work hard, to set themselves challenging, yet realistic targets and to aim to achieve the very best they can. Our motto is "don't stop until you're proud." We expect them to be courteous, considerate and supportive of one another and to make the most of many wide and varied opportunities available to them.

Students joining Churchill are attached to a House, each of which is led by Head of House and is assisted by their team of tutors and a House Mentor. Together they have the welfare and well-being of students as their priority, ensuring that we establish a secure foundation, both socially and academically, for a happy and successful time at Churchill Academy & Sixth Form.

Heads of house

Hanover:        Stuart:         Tudor:          Windsor: 

Mrs Bradley       Mr Davies       Mrs Blackburn      Mr Cross

                               (covered by Mrs Moon)   

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