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Important: Transitional arrangements for Free School Meals during Universal Credit roll out

Due to the Universal Credit roll out, all children currently listed as eligible for free school meals will be protected until 31st March 2022 regardless of benefit changes, income changes, or working status.
Eligible pupils will remain entitled to free school meals until the end their current phase of education. You do not need to reapply for free school meals during this time. Free school meal eligibility is protected even if children move to a different local authority. 

Natalie Jones is Churchill Academy's Access Coordinator and can be contacted with any queries regarding Pupil Premium.  
Download our Pupil Premium Flyer here

Accounting for Pupil Premium
The full Pupil Premium report for last year is available to download.  

Pupil Premium – what is it?

Pupil Premium (PP) funding is funding provided to schools and academies by the government for the purpose of supporting those students who meet the PP eligibility criteria.

National statistics show that students who are eligible for PP funding do less well than their peers in external exams. The aim of PP funding is to enable schools and academies to help close that attainment gap by bridging the inequality of opportunity that exists between PP students and their peers.

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The eligibility criteria for Pupil Premium

The Academy receives this funding for each student who is:

A student in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) or who have previously been registered for FSM at any point in the last six years (Ever6); or
A student who has been looked after for 1 day or more or left care under either a special guardianship order or a residence order (Children Looked After) ; or
A student known to the Academy to have been adopted within the UK; or
A student who has a parent who is serving in the armed forces. Please note a smaller PP grant is received for these students.
Please note: Funding for our Children Looked After is now accessed through the virtual heads. Please see section 5 A (Pupil Premium + Funding) for further information.

Eligibility Criteria

How to apply?

Changes to Free School Meals System

North Somerset Council are replacing  the current free school meal paper application forms with a new online checker. Parents will be able to apply online at home and get an instant result. The system will generate a letter that parents can print off and give to schools to show eligibility. Where parents do not have printers, parents can forward the letter via email to the school, or show  it to the Free School Meals Administrator on their smart phone.

Parents will need to reapply every school holiday (so 6 times per year) and eligibility will last for the whole school term.

Each child will need to be checked individually as the online checker creates a system code for each child.

If parents give schools their permission, schools can check eligibility on their behalf. In order to do this, the school would require the parents National Insurance number and date of birth.

Schools will be sent an email at the beginning of each term detailing who has applied. Anyone who applies mid-term will be able to show schools their eligibility letter. Eligibility starts from the date on the letter, and stops at the end of that term.

The new checker can be found here:

 Further information 

Why Apply for Free School Meals?

By registering your children the school receives additional funding that will be used to help your child.

The use of Pupil Premium funds

The funding we receive for PP is ring-fenced from the main school budget. Our Access Coordinator supports the process to access funding to ensure interventions are targeted, planned and evaluated. Our Governing Body is also responsible for accounting for the impact of Pupil Premium.

At Churchill Academy we are determined to make sure that PP funding is spent on PP eligible children in the manner which best supports them. The Academy ensures that the funding used to promote high expectations and achievement for the PP students, to allow access to educational opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable to them and to monitor their progress to ensure any further areas of support are identified and funded.

Churchill Academy Aims for Pupil Premium

Our main aim at Churchill is to educate all our students to the highest standards they can achieve and support them in becoming confident individuals and successful learners. 

For this academic year the Academy has developed specific aims for PP funding and interventions to ensure that they fit with the overarching aims and ethos of our school. This has been developed from feedback from students, parents and staff members. 

Our Aims for Pupil Premium

Adopted Funding Information

Children Looked After

Fare Share Letter

Feedback from parents

Ofsted report 2015 - Key findings

Areas where we can help

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