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Summer Exams 2018

The Year 11 Student, Teacher and Parent guide to the exam season, with timetables for each day from 14th May to 21st June, is available to download here. 

Exam Results Days 2018

GCSE results day: Thursday 23 August 2018.  Students can collect their results from school from 8.30am.

GCE (A and AS level) results day: Thursday 16 August 2018.  Students can collect their results from school from 8.30am.

Results are given out in the Sixth Form Common Room or are available from the Main Office if you arrive later in the day. The Academy is unable to disclose results via email or telephone. 
If students are unable to collect results in person, please provide a signed letter giving authority for someone to collect on your behalf. We are unable to provide results - even to parents - unless a letter has been provided by the candidate.  Alternatively please provide a stamped addressed envelope and we will ensure they are posted to you. 

Provisional entry information will be provided to students in February 2018.  Final timetables confirming seat numbers and rooming will be provided in April 2018. 

The first exam will be on 14 May 2018 and the last exam will be on 29 June 2018.



ALL candidates should read the attached files below, these include the "Examinations Information Booklet" and candidate warning notices.  It is important to understand the rules and regulations of the exams before you sit them.

 (Downloadable files)

  1. Information for Candidates GCE Coursework 2017-18
  2. Information for Candidates - Onscreen tests
  3. Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice
  4. Information for Candidates - Social Media
  5. Information for Candidates - Written examinations
  6. Information for Candidates GCSE Controlled Assessments 2017-18
  7. Information for candidates non-examination assessments
  8. Exam Information Booklet

Exam policy - watches

No technology that can be used to store data, images, etc can be taken into an examination room; this includes smart watches, fit bits, Apple watches, smart phones, tablets, etc.  Clocks are situated in all exam rooms however if your child would prefer to have a watch we would advise that this is an analogue watch to avoid any confusion.

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