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Activities Week 2019

Activities Week 2019 takes place between 8th and 12th July. Click here to download the Activities Week Booklet

Activities Week Medical Information

Inhalers and Medication

If your child has asthma and needs an inhaler it is vitally important that they bring this with them if they are going off site on an activity.  They will need to show this to staff and without it they will not be allowed to go on their trip. Similarly, any medications they require need to be with them on the day.
If your child does not have their inhaler they cannot go off the school site and will be allocated an activity in school.  Unfortunately, at this late stage we would be unable to refund any money paid for the activity if an inhaler is forgotten.
If your child no longer needs to use an inhaler and you have not yet advised us, please ensure that you do so – or if your child does need this and you have not yet advised us, please let us know.  If your child comes to school without any medication, even if they have not used it ‘for years’, they will have to stay on site.  Any doubts about this, please contact Miss Collins with the most recent information.
Many thanks for your help in advance with this.

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