Churchill Academy

Prize Winners

This page celebrates the students who have won Academy prizes in our Presentation Evening in the Autumn, and our Celebration of Success in the summer. 

Presentation Evening

Presentation Evening 2020 could not happen "in person" due to the covid-19 pandemic. However, all the prizes were still awarded, as you will see in the roll of honour below. 

The Annual Prize for Resilience is awarded for a combination of two or more of the following:   

  • Determination to face challenges
  • Perseverance to fulfil their potential
  • Generous and thoughtful to others
  • Dependable in character

 In this most unusual year, the resilience prize is awarded to:

 All the students and staff of Churchill Academy & Sixth Form 2019-20

For determination, perseverance, generosity of spirit and dependability of character in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Please see below for the full list of prize winners, or click here to download a copy of the roll of honour


Celebration of Success

Our Celebration of Success sees awards given in the following categories: 

Subject Awards

Each subject teacher was asked to nominate a total of three students in each of their teaching groups. They could be nominated for:

  • Exceptional attitude and effort
  • Perseverance
  • Response to feedback
  • Seeking to improve
  • Taking on challenges
  • Setting an example for others

These were kept secret so teachers were not influenced by the number of awards students had already received. If you have won a subject award you will see on the certificate which subject (or subjects) you have been nominated for.

Tutor Awards

Tutors were also asked to nominate a total of 3 students to receive the Tutor Award. They had to have:

  • Made a positive contribution to the tutor group this year
  • At least 95 percent attendance (whilst the Academy was open)
  • A good history of wearing correct uniform (whilst the Academy was open)
  • Received no major sanctions

House Awards

House Awards are given to the students with the highest conduct points score within each year group in each house.

House Values Awards

The Academy values kindness, curiosity and determination. We have these values in everything we do at Churchill, building character to ensure we get the best out of ourselves in all our endeavours.

The House team have chosen two students only from each house to receive an award for each value.

Tutee of the Tutor Group

Each tutor has chosen a tutee of the year from their group.  This is the student in their tutor group that they feel has made the most positive contribution to the tutor group throughout the year. Each tutor has written a citation explaining the reasons for their choice: if you have won this award, you will find the citation included with the certificate.

Celebration of Success 2020: Roll of Honour

Every student who was nominated for an award at the 2020 Celebration of Success is included on the Roll of Honour, which can be viewed below or at this link: