Churchill Academy

Churchill Student Council

Main School

Main School Student councils are exploring the schools five priorities with particular focus on the three priorities of Diversity and Inclusion; Student Engagement and Leadership; Sustainability

The council hold regular meetings and will have a series of seminars run by members of staff. Currently they have seminars planned on Diversity and inclusion presented by Mandeep Churchouse and Sustainability presented by Jon Bevan, Stephanie Franklin and the Green Team.

Year 7

Ben Payne

Sadie Turner

Adham Ismail

Megan Lake

Ben Marks                                 

Niamh Dawson                          

Isobel Cooper 


Reuben Ballentine

Milly Woollven

Lucy Donovan

Izzy Russe

Year 8

Katy Rutty

Lewis Lodge

Indya Barton

Rory McGonigal         

Millie Jones                                                     

William Poole  
Eleanor Smart Jamie-Leigh Griffiths
Ted Cornish Maya Hunt

Year 9

Olivia Sotwin Trinity Gready
Adam Corke Maria Amaral
Poppy Williams Toby Wilson
Finn Tyson Hannah Walker

Violet Grieveson

Kaitlyn Smith

Year 10

Katie Purdie Tiri Chida
Lily-Em Spearing Gemma Partridge
Owyn Hiscox Emese Lehoczki
Hayley Nottage Chelsea Long
Phoebe Johnstone

Mellisa Kati

Scarlet Donovan


Sixth Form

Student Impact – all sixth form students will sign up to be part of an Impact Group for the duration of their A-Level study. As part of this group, they are given the autonomy to have a positive impact on an area of the academy or the wider community. Students may pick which group to join, or may start a new impact group if there is something they are passionate about that is not covered by the existing groups.

The current impact groups are:

  • Competitions and Tutor Reps
  • Events and Entertainment               
  • Environmental Action
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Media
  • Student Ambassadors 
  • Science Ambassadors

These groups meet regularly throughout the year in STP time, but are encouraged to get together to work on projects outside of this as well.

Each group has one or two group leaders. They are chosen through an application process. These individuals oversee their group, take minutes in their meetings, and report ideas back to the Executive Council and Sixth Form Leadership Team in order to have their projects approved.

Executive Council

Students who wish to take on more leadership responsibility may apply to be on the Executive Council. Each member of the council is responsible to meeting with the Impact Leader from one or two Impact Groups. They are responsible for holding the Impact Group budget, for approving projects and supporting the Impact Groups in implementing changes in the sixth form.