Churchill Academy

Coronavirus Arrangements and Information

 From April 1st 2022, new arrangements will apply following the publication of the government's Living with COVID-19 strategy.


Twice weekly testing is no longer required. The Academy is no longer able to supply test kits for COVID-19 to students or staff. 

Face Coverings

Students are no longer required to wear face covering within school. 

Remote Learning

The Academy will no longer routinely provide remote education to students who are absent due to ill health. If students are too ill to be in school, they are too ill to complete work at home. If your child has specific needs, please contact us

Hygiene and cleaning

We have fitted hand sanitiser dispensers inside every classroom. Students are encouraged to use the hand sanitiser.

If a student needs to sneeze or cough, they should follow the “catch it – bin it – kill it” approach.

Enhanced cleaning remains in place across the Academy. This includes frequent cleaning of touch points such as door handles and light switches throughout the day, and enhanced daily cleaning of the Academy site.


All students must to bring their own stationery and school equipment. An equipment list can be found on the Uniform and Equipment page. Equipment packs can be provided to all students eligible for pupil premium free of charge, and may be ordered by all students via ParentPay.

We also advise that all students bring their own tissues and hand sanitiser. 

Breaks and lunchtimes

Each year group is assigned a designated area for dining at break and lunchtime. Each year group is also assigned a designated social area for good weather and wet weather.


Teachers will be keeping classroom doors and windows open wherever possible to increase ventilation. We have revised our uniform policy so that students may keep their Academy hoodies on in lessons. 

Students should wear correct uniform. Students returned to changing for PE from September 2021. Please see the website for details of our uniform policy

Transport, arrival and departure

At the end of school, students who travel on coaches or minibuses must not proceed to the coach loop until their vehicle is ready to receive them. Passengers on the W1-4 buses should wait in Windsor House, and passengers on the second-run local authority buses on the Lancaster playground, until called to the coach loop. This is to avoid crowding and mixing on the coach loop.

We would still encourage as many students as possible to walk or cycle to school. Not only does being out in the open reduce the risk of transmission, but it is also the healthier option and reduces the Academy’s carbon footprint. We continue to work closely with the local authority and community groups to improve the walking and cycling infrastructure around the Academy to make it easier for our students to travel sustainably.


All students are expected to attend school full time, as normal, unless they are unwell. We expect all students to have 100% attendance; we classify "good" attendance as 95% or better. 

If your child is feeling particularly anxious about coming to school, please discuss this with their tutor or a key worker from Student Services as soon as possible so that arrangements can made to support them.

COVID symptoms

The common symptoms of COVID-19 in children are listed on the NHS website here

If you experience symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, please follow the latest NHS guidance

Parent meetings

 We are able to hold pre-arranged face-to-face meetings with parents and visitors from September 2021 onwards, where required. We will continue to offer phone calls and/or video conferencing as an option, as many families find these more convenient. However, please remember that all parent meetings must be pre-booked by appointment so that staff are prepared for the conversations, and so the meeting can be held at a mutually convenient time. Please help us to help you by pre-booking any meetings you need with members of staff at the Academy.

Parents evenings will continue to take place online using the SchoolCloud system, as parental feedback suggest this is overwhelmingly preferable to the in-school system.

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