Churchill Academy

Year 11

Please see the table below for information about subjects and examination boards in Year 11: 

Exam Board




Spec Code 

Edexcel BTEC 1/2 Acting - Tech Award in Performing Arts YPT68
Edexcel                GCSE 2 Art and Design: Fine Art 1FA0
Edexcel                GCSE 2 Business Studies 1BS01
AQA GCSE 2 Biology 8461
AQA GCSE 2 Chemistry 8462
AQA GCSE 2 Combined Science (Trilogy) 8464
OCR GCSE 2 Computer Science J276
AQA GCSE 2 Design ~& Technology 8552
Edexcel BTEC 1/2 Dance - Tech Award in Performing Arts BBNZ76
OCR GCSE 2 Economics J205
WJEC GCSE 2 English Language C700QS
WJEC GCSE 2 English Literature C720QS
OCR CAMNAT 2 Sport Science J812
WJEC GCSE 2 Food Preparation and Nutrition C560QS
Edexcel GCSE 2 French 1FR0
Edexcel GCSE 2 Geography B 1GB0
Edexcel GCSE 2 History 1HI0
OCR CAMNAT 2 Creative iMedia J817
AQA GCSE 2 Maths 8300
Edexcel GCSE 2 Music 1MU0
Edexcel BTEC 1/2 Music Technology MVV73
AQA GCSE 2 Physics 8463
WJEC GCSE 2 Religious Studies Route A C120QS
Edexcel GCSE 2 Spanish 1SP0
Edexcel GCSE 2 Textiles 1TE0