Churchill Academy

Activities Week Round Up

Total number of Year 7,8,9 students:  739
Total number of staff:  176

  • Belgium 43 students (4 days)
  • Watersports (France) 15 students (7 days)
  • Sicily 33 students (5 days)
  • Paris 21 students (4 days)
  • Cornwall 48 students (4 days)

In school activities over the week:  38 different activities  (some on multiple days during the week            
Out of school activities over the week:  22 different activities  (some multiple days)

Waves crashed loudly against the shore as 48 Churchill students screamed and yelped in delighted terror, the salty water spraying in their eyes while seagulls hungrily circled overhead. (They hadn't even begun surfing yet, but frankly the sight of both Mr Davies and Mr Smith in their wet suits was probably enough to make anyone cry out in astonishment.) Blessed with a true mixture of British weather, our brave and intrepid surf explorers battled fierce waves, the perils of coasteering and plunging from 20ft rocks into the ocean beneath. They grinned as they squelched in wetsuits to and from the beach each day, laughed in the face of sea water in their ears, eyes, nose and throat and triumphed over slippery rock faces as they shimmied gracefully along them to leap from ever higher cliff edges. Even Miss Tucker, doing her best impression of a hamster continuously revolving around its exercise wheel as she repeatedly orbited her surf board only to once again return to the cold sea, seemed to be having fun. We made campfires, toasted skewered marshmallows and made human pyramids, all beneath a dramatic sky that- whether rain or shine- offered us beautiful views throughout the day. What a time to be alive. Roll on next year.

Mr Kingscote

What a week the geographers had!!  On Tuesday we scaled Mt Etna by cable car, four wheeled drive vehicles and finally on foot to a height of 3000m.  The views of the steaming craters were amazing. In the afternoon we had a well deserved rest on the beach.

Wednesday saw a very early start at 5am to travel to the north of Sicily to catch a boat across to the Aeolian Islands. We docked at the island of Vulcanco and in 40 degree heat trekked to the top of the Gran Cratere active volcano. The sulphurous fumes and steam vents were quite incredible. After a lovely alfresco lunch of pizza and ice cream, it was time for another dip in the sea before catching the boat back to the mainland.

Finally we headed inland to the Alcantara gorge, kitted up in wetsuits, helmets and life jackets and went river tubing, trying not to fall in as we headed over the rocks and rapids! We finished with a visit to the beautiful hilltop town of Taormina and admired the stunning architecture, views and ate even more ice cream.

Mrs Amer, Mr Bevan and Miss Innalls

Belgium trip

On our trip to Ypres Belgium, I had the most fun visiting the craters and the museums and the trenches that seemed so peaceful you would have never have guessed the horrible events that happened there. Trips to the English, French and German cemeteries were very powerful and moving and most of us connected with history by finding our ancestors. On the last day I had a blast exploring a theme park Plopsaland and challenging my fear of roller coasters with my friends!

Ruby Smith

We travelled to France and Belgium and we looked around the trenches. It was amazing how peaceful it was even after the horrific things that had happened there. It was very moving looking at the cemeteries as there was thousands of people and some died so young even as young as 15. It was amazing the contrast between the German cemeteries from the British, French and Belgium. I really enjoyed the trip and learnt a lot and Plopsaland finished the trip off with a lot of fun.

Saffron Buckler

Water Sports in France
The Watersports Trip to AzuRivage, the South of France was amazing. 15 girls, and Mr Grimmett and Ms Harvey had an incredible time running down sand dunes, learning to windsurf, having pirate battles on paddleboards, strutting our stuff in Disney costumes, and sunning ourself by the lake, sea, and pool!

The girls (literally!) threw themselves into all manner of sporting challenges, and were a pleasure to look after for the week (even with their endless singing of pop tunes!). The Rockley team were great, and the spirit amongst the girls of support, encouragement, and togetherness was great to see.

Mr Grimmett's first Churchill foreign residential trip - and he hopes it won't be his last!

Book Making

Book making ran for three days and saw a total of over 80 books produced from card, tissue paper, thread and needles, with a healthy supply of PVA and a fountain of creativity. Another great week with many planning to come back for more next year!

Mr Downing

Photoshop Masterclass
Students spent the morning seeking out the letters if their names around the school grounds and photographing them, they then learnt photoshop techniques to create fantastic letter images which were then presented and created into name plates. It was a great day... especially as the rain held off.  

Miss Bessant

Beauty and Henna Activity Day
The students had a fantastic time learning hair, nails and beauty tips throughout the day. They also experienced having a Henna expert "Suzie" create beautiful designs for them. It was a lovely day and the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Miss Bessant 

Many thanks to all involved, but special thanks to Mrs Cadman for her superb organisation of Activities Week.