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Activities Week

Activities Week 2023

All bookings for Activities week 2023 have now been finalised and all activities booked. This is a really exciting time as we get  the last details in place ready for activities week 2023. 

We are currently updating the Activities Week booklet ready to publish on our website.  This will be available from the start of Term 6 and will contain all of the information that you will need including timings of the day, meeting places, arrangements for food and any specific requirements for the activity.  You are now able to see all of the activities that have been  booked through MCAS and any payment can be made via ParentPay. We have set a payment deadline of the 1st May. If you have questions or queries about payment please contact finance

Certain trips require a disclaimer. Could we ask please, that if you have received information about a disclaimer for any of the trips that you complete and return this.

Many thanks for all of your help with this, aiding our students with their choices and encouraging them to try things that are new and challenging. It all looks like 2023 is going to be the best activities week so far!

Mr Davies

Activities Week 2022 Photo Gallery

See a gallery of photos from Activities Week 2022 below, including trips to Sicily, London, Newquay (for the surf trip), Cardiff, Bristol and more, alongside a wide variety of local and in school activities. 

Activities Week 2022