Churchill Academy

Bugsy Malone

On Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th October, over seventy Year 7 and 8 students took to the stage with their spectacular production of Bugsy Malone. This tale of 1920's New York gang warfare - with added custard pies and splurge guns - was brought to life in just five weeks, with the first rehearsal taking place on 17th September. Despite this short preparation time, the performances were confident, assured and - in many cases - absolutely hilarious. 

Bobby Rawlins and Will Griffiths shared the role of Bugsy Malone, whilst Maddie Pole and Gemma Partridge played the feisty-but-sensitive Blousey Brown superbly. The supporting cast of gangsters, hoodlums, dancers, boxers, laundresses, detectives, reporters and down-and-outs was excellent; special mention must be made of Emily Kendrick and Maria Amaral who shared the role of Fizzy, Abi Phillips as the radio announcer, and the hilarious Sol Walker-McKee as the clueless-but-deadly boxer Leroy Smith. 

The songs and music were superb, with the house band expertly conducted by Ms Cooper-White. The show looked spectacular, thanks to the Sixth Form's specialist tutor programme team who designed, built, painted and decorated the set, and the behind-the-scenes team of make-up and costumes. The complex technical elements were also skilfully managed, with sound, lighting, and stage management working together seamlessly. A great team of staff also ensured that the show was a success - special thanks to director extraordinaire Miss Bones. 

Audiences were also treated to a display of last year's A-level Art, Photography and Design work in the foyer gallery, and superb refreshments from the Mend the Gap team. 

If these students - some of whom have only just started at Churchill - can put on a show of this quality this quickly, then audiences are in for a treat at performances in the years to come! 

Below is a gallery of photos from night two of Bugsy Malone.