Churchill Academy

Chess News

On Sunday the chess team of Max Walker, John Skeen, Peter Skeen, Jenson Hathaway, Alex Webber and Scarlett Donovan travelled to Eton the take part in the Eton Rapidplay.  This is one of the most senior tournaments in the country and attracts the 50 best chess schools from all over the UK.   

In Round 1 we were drawn against fourth seeds Haberdashers, Max, John and Peter on boards 1 to 3 managed to match their tough opponents and all had very close games.  Max eventually won and John forced a draw in a very tense game, although we lost 4.5 to 1.5 is was a very credible performance.  

Round 2 saw us drawn against St Paul's Girls and Max continued is fine form and he was joined in winning ways by Jenson and Alex, result was 3-3.  

In Round 3 Max was untouchable on board 1, he was supported by John who again managed a draw against a good opponent.  However final results against Brentwood was a loss of 4.5 to 1.5. 

The team bounced back in Round 4 against North London Collegiate, Max and John proved far too strong on boards 1 and 2 but the most exciting game was Scarlett winning her first game in a tense battle, final result was 3-3. 

The final round saw Churchill play Westminster, Max completed outstanding 5 out of 5 and with further wins by John, Alex and Scarlett the result was 4-2 win.  Churchill finished in 32nd place out of 50 teams.  Congratulations to everyone.  

Chess club continues every Wednesday lunchtime in W6 supported by Mr Skeen and Mr Jones; all abilities are welcome.