Churchill Academy

Cluster Schools' Festivals


Over a 160 pupils from KS1 & KS2 attended Churchill’s Cluster Tag-Rugby festival earlier this month which was held on the 3G Astro.  The pupils involved worked hard and showed excellent etiquette and ability throughout the afternoon. We focussed on player qualities in conduct and organisation which we hope all players prioritise above and beyond winning. The skills on display were a delight to see and many parents were cheering on the matches.  


Pitch A/B/C (3G) Yr 3&4 minis:  1st Wrington; 2nd Winford; 3rd Blagdon

Conduct award winners: St Andrew's

Top grass Pitch (nearest 3G): 1st Churchill; 2nd Winscombe/St Andrew's; 3rd Banwell

Conduct award winners: Banwell

Quick-Sticks Hockey

We had a lovely day for the Jolly Hockey Sticks festival.  The event was a real success with 17 teams (more than ever) entered and plenty more wanting to come. We'll be needing another Astro before long to cater for the demand!. I play Hockey – well try to - and I was amazed at the athleticism of these youngsters. Also the skill level produced by many of them was a real pleasure to witness. I've enjoyed  promoting the event in our local cluster and seeing the pupils playing on the larger Academy pitches where they can real build up some momentum and show off their skills.


Pitch 1/2:  1st Wrington A; 2nd Blagdon A; 3rd Winford A                                              

Pitch 3/4 :  1st Winscombe A; 2nd Blagdon B/Burrington B  3rd: St Andrew's A                      

Pitch 5/6:  1st St Andrew's B;  2nd Winscombe B;  3rd:  Burrington C                                         

Wrington A, Churchill B and Blagdon B won the fair-play (conduct) awards.  

The Academy again had a number of our Year 10 Junior Sport Leaders helping out. They were excellent role-models for the youngsters and enjoyed scoring, refereeing and helping to organise the games.

Mr Mason