Churchill Academy

Cluster Sports

We've had both the Football and Cross Country events this term and both have been a huge success with lots of primary school pupils taking part alongside our Year 10 and 11 helpers. 

The Football saw the highest number of teams entered since we began the events in 2006 with 18 teams battling their way up and down the 3G and 32 Year 10 leaders making sure everything ran smoothly. We also had five Year 11 student helpers that are working towards their Silver (20 hours) and Gold (30 hours) Leaders' Certificate, build up their volunteering hours they started last year.

The Cross Country was equally as successful, if a little blustery, but again saw record numbers with over 120 Year 3/4 runners and 190+ Year 5/6 competitors. The event saw 35 more young leaders from Year 10/11 who helped to marshal and team manage the youngsters on the day. Without the help of the leaders, who have really 'hit the ground running' this year with their keen approach to volunteering and willingness to get stuck in.

There are many more events to come so there's plenty more chance for our primary children to get involved in festival sport and our 115 Year 10/11 leaders to add to their hours before they leave. 

A special mention to: Alexis Masouras; James Morris; Thomas Davis; William Deakin; William Maitland-Round; Joseph Oxley for their eloquent refereeing of the Football.

Mr Mason