Churchill Academy

Dance Their Socks Off 11

This was my fifth DTSO show at Churchill Academy. This year the theme was ‘On Screen’. Every year has been a real treat to watch and I always walk away with a huge smile on my face, but this year felt different for all the right reasons.  The Primary School students seemed calmer and more focussed this year during the rehearsal process. There was not the usual, but predictable, level of hyperactivity with the thought of stepping on stage at the Playhouse.  Little did I know, that these clever little souls were saving up every ounce of energy to deliver a fantastic evening performance in front of a sell out crowd. 

We had an array of colourful costumes and imaginative props that beautifully supported the dances, so many thanks to the parents and helpers who assisted with that.  The organisation and energy from the students was stunning and to the point that I had to remind myself that these were Primary School Students in front of 600 onlookers.  The Primary School teachers must have been so proud and deservedly received a standing ovation for their work with the pupils throughout the process (and the rest of the academic year). 

Many thanks must go to the person that overlooks all of DTSO, Vicki Rees.  She works tirelessly to make this event such a positive experience for the children and after watching the last two nights, that was most certainly the case for our little superstars.

We are immensely proud of Performing Arts at Churchill Academy and so grateful that this is encouraged, not just through the school, but through the community.  I know that Vicki Rees is already planning DTSO 12 and we thoroughly look forward to that next year. 

Symon Buckley, Director of Performing Arts