Churchill Academy

GCSE Results 2020

Churchill Academy & Sixth Form congratulates this year’s cohort of students on their GCSE results.

Following the recent news headlines around exam results, the narrative has been around algorithms and centre assessed grades. But despite everything that has transpired over the past six months, we are determined to celebrate our students’ hard work and the effort that has led to this day. Sitting an exam might have only taken a couple of hours, but today’s results stem from years of hard work and effort from students, families and teachers alike.

Sarah Browne, who achieved 10 9’s and one 8 said, “I’m really happy, and also relieved. It’s been a stressful wait and I’m glad it’s over.” Sarah will be staying on at Sixth Form to study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths at A Level.

Fred Body said, “I’m very pleased with my results. It’s been a long time since we’ve been at school and now I’m looking forward to going back to Sixth Form.” Fred will be studying Physics, Maths, Geography and EPQ after achieving five 9’s, four 8’s and one 7.

Bori Gunyits shared her results with her Mum over FaceTime this morning—something many of us have become used to over this period. “I’m so pleased with how my results have turned out. I’m glad that all the hard work through all the years at Churchill has paid off.” Bori will be studying French, Music, History and Maths A Level at Sixth Form.

Congratulations also go to the following students who all achieved eight or more GCSE’s at grade 7 and above. Bethan Anderson, Caitlin Ashurst, Eve Boothway, James Deacon, Ceri Anne Evans, Poppy Giles, Lauren Griffiths, Bori Gunyits, Brooke Hester, Kristopher Hooper, Ellie Jones, Ela Kati, Oliver Lamont, Phoebe Langley, Cameron Leggett, Sophie Manning, Amelia Maxwell, Abigail Mills, Chloe Phipps, Robert Ramshaw, Connie Rawlins, William Scott, Kim Sheppard, Isla Skudder, Gabriella Smith, Penelope Styring, Lauren Tyrell, Mia Wakeling, Leon Windett and Kit Windsor.

This year sees the largest intake into Churchill Sixth Form in recent years, as record numbers of students from our own Year 11 year group and students from other schools chose to continue their learning journey with us. 

“Our wide range of courses means that we are able to provide a great deal of choice for students to tailor their study programme to their interests.  After such a long break, we’re looking forward to welcoming new and existing students back to our refurbished common room, ready to start the next phase of their education in a couple of weeks’ time,” commented Rob Morgan, Head of Sixth Form.  

Headteacher, Chris Hildrew said, “throughout the school closure we’ve worked hard to provide stability and confidence for our students. It’s a shame that our Government hasn’t been able to do the same. What is important today is that the students have received results which we feel they deserve, in recognition of the hard work they have put in throughout their time in school, and all that they have endured and missed out on in Year 11. We are so proud of them, and all they have achieved.”