Churchill Academy

Global Rock Dance Competition

Global Rock is a highlight on the dance calendar and something that we all look forward to taking part in; a national event competing against 10 other schools. It's a fantastic opportunity for our students to showcase their talents and experience a competitive performance.

We are thrilled to say that we came 4th overall and have received a lovely plaque for our wall. However, the best award we received was the award for 'Spirit of Rock Challenge'. This is voted for by all of the other schools and staff taking part and is given to the school who were the most positive, friendly, polite and enthusiastic. We were thrilled to receive this award as it shows what wonderful students we have.

We were extremely successful with our awards and received the following:

  • Excellence for costuming characters
  • Excellence for Choreography
  • Excellence for Video Performance
  • Excellence for Concept
  • Excellence for Drama
  • Excellence for Entertainment
  • Excellence for Stage Crew
  • Excellence for Performance Skill
  • Excellence for Lighting

Our thanks go to all who have helped us in taking part. It was an extremely rewarding experience both for students and staff.