Churchill Academy

Green Team Update

2019 has proven to be a busy year for the Green Team, with much focus going on to the new projects open around the school. A particular focus has been the no plastic campaign around the Academy, from the catering areas, to students bringing reusable bottles to school. 
A survey was conducted among tutor groups, to promote discussion and feedback about the areas that people wanted to see most change in. A summary of the results is as follows:
1) Recycling - Our number one hit! Currently a very mixed bag (excuse the pun) of recycling methods going on. Not all classrooms have paper waste bins and there are a lack of general facilities for recycling around school. The students are conscious of the lack of places to recycle, so we will be looking at ways to accommodate this over the coming months. 
2) Single use plastics - A lot of concern raised here with regards to the packaging used in the food outlets as well as water bottles etc. We are pleased to be working with our caterers in order to develop and promote new strategies here (more to follow!). 
One that was raised by several tutor groups (thank you!!) was the concern over plastic cutlery; I am reliably informed that this is a biodegradable material instead of a standard plastic. This was reacting to concerns of the single use plastics and general dislike for the wooden ones! 
3) Biodiversity - Lots of interest in to how we can develop the Green spaces and make the most of our rural location. We already have the barn owl box onsite, but will be looking at more schemes to put in place as well as developing our pond area.
4) Green Spaces - Lots of responses indicating that students are keen to get involved here too! We will be continuing work on the planting of the various spaces we have after half term and will be looking at getting our new greenhouse facility ordered too. Lots of opportunities for students to help here. (More to follow!)

In other news... 
1.  The clothes bank has been hugely successful and the students have been excellent with their donations. Please continue to push and I will get this out in the newsletter too! We've raised well over £150 alone from these donations so far! 
2.  A cake sale at the end of Term 3, generated around £120 towards a new "anti-chewing gum" scheme we are looking in to!
3.  Churchill Green Team Twitter account is up and running with lots of followers... please do follow us @churchillgreen for updates on projects and planting.  
We will soon be looking at planting in various areas around the school site as well as looking to improve some of the existing green areas we have. If anyone would like to get involved, we will be looking at a an hour after school on a day to be confirmed. 
Thank you to all parents for their support with these initiatives. 

Mr Bevan