Churchill Academy

Introducing the Churchill Green Team

The Churchill Green Team was established by Churchill students in 2017, with the aim of building a culture of environmental stewardship and sustainability with an educational setting. The Green Team is currently run by our enthusiastic group of Year 12s, aiming to reduce plastic waste, reduce electricity consumption and improve energy efficiency. The team also aims to develop our green spaces to coincide with our wonderful rural location.

Over the past few months, the team has already switched the plastic cutlery in Sixth Form for a wooden alternative, secured more recycling bins and promoted Ecosia, an eco-friendlier search engine for the school to use. On top of that they have been promoting the use of recyclable cups to reduce single use plastics, with the aim of making the Academy free of single-use plastics - more on that to follow!

We are in the process of developing our green space adjacent to the Sixth Form block, as well as plans to create more green areas in the school for all students. The team has ambitions for the future and is on the lookout for any support, donations or knowledge that is out in the wider community.

The team would like to say a huge "THANK YOU!" to everyone that has offered plants, benches and items so far! We have been overwhelmed with generosity, and as things progress, we will look to house more and more of these on the school site. 

If you are able to help the Green Team in any way, please contact Mr Bevan