Churchill Academy

Join The Futures Programme 2023-24

 Our Futures Programme is designed for our most able Year 12 students with high education aspirations and future careers in a bid to inspire and prepare them for what’s ahead.

Each year around 25 students embark on the program, which provides dedicated time with a professional who will help to shape their research and tailor it to their personal interests and goals. The programme also gives students the chance to listen to reflections and advice from Year 13 students and undergraduates. 

Additionally, students are encouraged to partake in Learning Visits. This presents valuable opportunities to learn, build connections and gain insights first-hand from businesses within a variety of industries, including:

  • Universities
  • Engineering firms
  • Accountants
  • Media studios
  • Architects
  • Banks
  • Law firms
  • Medical centres
  • Medical researchers
  • Physicists
  • Banks,
  • Investment managers
  • TV journalists
  • Psychologists. 


The programme runs during term time, with Learning Visits taking place during the holidays.  

The Futures Programme is a valuable tool for students, providing them with additional insights, skill-shaping experiences and access to career development advice. Many of our students who have joined the programme have gone on to attend some of the country’s top universities and kick-start exciting careers.

Students who are interested in signing up for The Futures Programme should contact, Mr G. Davies


Hear from previous Year 12 students who have participated:

 The term time sessions were in small groups and were always tailored to you.

The learning visits gave insights into the routes into the professions and often the opportunity to talk to someone who would tell you the truth about the job rather than try to glamorise it.

Go on as many learning visits as possible if you're not sure what you want to be so you can find out what you do enjoy/don't enjoy.

The group discussions were good; there was valuable information about careers and futures.

 The learning visits this summer have been great and I wouldn’t be as sure as I am about a career in law without them.

Don't be worried about changing your opinion on what you want to do - that's the point of the visits