Churchill Academy

Junior Music Competition

Our Year 7 and 8 musicians wowed an enthusiastic audience on Wednesday evening at our annual Junior Music Competition. Ably accompanied by Mr Spencer, a total of eighteen students stepped up to perform solos on brass, woodwind, strings, piano and guitar, alongside a great range of singing talent. Judges Mr Harrison and Ms Cooper-White had the almost impossible job of deciding on the winners. They offered lots of helpful advice to the competitors about engaging in purposeful practice. The deciding factor in the competition was looking for those students who really connected with the audience and went beyond playing the music, into performing it.

Joint second place was awarded to Peter Skeen (violin) and Molly Axtell (voice); the joint winners of the Colin Undery Music Award for 2017 were Maddie Pole (voice) and Matt Lucas (trombone), pictured below. 

Well done to all our competitors! 

  • Rhian Bishop (voice)
  • Emily Green (voice)
  • Roxane De Caters (voice)
  • Matt Lucas (trombone)
  • Niamh Titerickx (voice)
  • Max Hutchinson (trombone)
  • Grace Clements (violin)
  • Amelia Briffitt (voice)
  • Polly Jones (clarinet)
  • Ailis Phillips (cornet)
  • Maddie Pole (voice)
  • Molly Axtell (voice)
  • Aurora Bedford (voice)
  • Peter Skeen (violin)
  • Freya Davis (voice)
  • Bronwen Deane (piano)
  • Luke Barker (guitar)
  • Sam Smith (piano)