Churchill Academy

Language Ambassadors at Wrington Primary

The Year 10 French Language Ambassadors wowed year 6 pupils recently at Wrington Primary school when they delivered a lesson - in French! - that they had independently prepared and resourced. They taught about places in town and how to talk about what facilities they have/don’t have in Wrington.

The year 6 students listened attentively, participated enthusiastically in all the games, including "Extreme Splat" and "Beat the Language Ambassadors" which the students had planned to drill and practise the language. 

The feedback from  both the staff at Wrington and students was really positive. In fact their year 6 teacher was so impressed when she revisited the places in town with the students two weeks later, she emailed us to say they had remembered all the words, including the tricky ones!

A huge thank you from the MFL Department  to our very talented linguists who are currently working on translating the lesson and all their resources into Spanish to deliver a Spanish lesson to Blagdon Primary School at the end of June! You were awesome!


Report by Mrs Howe (MFL Faculty Coordinator)