Churchill Academy

Outstanding results in Maths

There were outstanding results by Churchill students in the National Junior Mathematics Challenge, a one hour non-calculator problem solving competition for able Year 7 and 8 pupils. It comprises of 25 very difficult problem solving questions. Forty four students received certificates: 13 Gold (Cam Leggett, Sarah Browne, Chloe Phipps, Max Walker, Alex Wahab, Tom Risk, Stan Hemmings, Dan Winterton, Peter Skeen,  James Dams, Stan Irving,  Josh Payne and Emma Cekaj), 11 Silver and 20 Bronze. Eight students qualified for further extension rounds and Sarah Browne, Chloe Phipps, Max Walker,  Stan Hemmings, Dan Winterton, Peter Skeen, James Dams qualified for the Junior Kangaroo. Cam Leggett, who managed to solve 22 out of the 25 questions, qualified for the Junior Maths Olympiad .

The results of the extension round of the Intermediate Mathematics Challenge have also been received. All eight students qualified for certificates; Cam Legget, Hannah Callcut, James Deacon, Emma Main, Emma Griffiths, Reece White and Will Dawes received Kangaroo Certificates. Emma Main, Year 11, did particularly well receiving a Merit Certificate.

John Skeen, Year 9, who qualified for the Olympiad - the highest level of challenge - received a Distinction and did so well he receives a medal which is only awarded to the very best Mathematicians in the country.

I would like to thank and congratulate everyone who took part. Very well done to you all.

Mr Jones