Churchill Academy

Poetry competition winners

This year's Academy Poetry Competition considered two intriguing themes -'growth', a word that Mr Hildrew has been keen to promote within the school as part of our growth mindset focus, and 'solitude'. Our second stimulus word we thought was fitting in a technological world increasingly devoid of remoteness, and quiet time. We had a very high standard of poems entered, and were privileged to have the English teacher, and published performance poet, Thomasin Gillow to judge the winners.

The overall winner was Emily Kendrick for her poem 'A bird's lone cry':

Through the wind and brilliant blue sky,                                

The wings of a bird and a lone cry.

But whilst skimming above the aqua blue sea,

a gust of wind lets water break free.


Despite the drenching wave full blown,

The bird continues on its journey alone.


Through the swaying grass and endless plain,

the beak of a bird and the berries they claim.

The sun beats down on the scorched grass,

the wind blowing them in a cascading green wave as the bird

flew past.


Despite the many miles it has flown,

The bird continues on its journey alone.


Through the dim evening light,

the eyes of a bird and the gift of sight.

Spotted through the flourish of the sky’s ever-changing tone,

a nest of blue tits in a tree; their fledgling full grown.


Resentful to leave but aware of predators he is now prone,

the bird continues on it’s journey alone.


As evening turns to night,

the comfort of a bird after it’s long flight.

A friendly caw sings from outside

and the smile of a bird as it replies.


Another bird enters the haven.

A big feathered body of a raven.

The two friendly birds who have travelled all day,

exchanging a tired but content nod as they flew away.


Now for the question concerning the journey flown.

Was the bird truly alone?

Full list of winners below.  Please click here to read all the winning poems.


Poem Title



Emily Kendrick

A Bird’s lone cry


Winner – Windsor / 1st Overall


Peter Skeen




Joint 2nd Overall


Catherine Hurcombe

A personal parting




Myiah Barker



Joint Winner-Tudor

Joint 4th Overall


Kyla Hayward

Keep your head up, Stargazer


Joint Winner-Tudor

Joint 4th Overall


Phoebe Johnston



Runner Up Windsor /

Joint 2nd Overall


Lily Murphy



Runner Up – Tudor


Bethany Dellenty-Cockle



Runner Up – Hanover


Luke Curran



Runner Up –Windsor


 Many congratulations to all involved.  

Mr Grimmett