Churchill Academy

Pride Week at Churchill

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising today, Friday 28th June, students donned LGBTQ+ support ribbons and badges and rainbowed Mr Hildrew's office! Mr Hildrew was keen to emphasise his support for the cause by discussing the message of marriage equality behind Taylor Swift's latest single

Prior to this tutors shared an presentation made by Will Truckle (10SSJL) that explained what happened on the evening and the days following the 28th June 1969

 Money made from the sale of ribbons and badges will go to the charity EACH - thank you to those people who have donated. EACH (Educational Action Challenging Homophobia) is an organisation close to our hearts for many reasons. We welcomed into the Academy the CEO of EACH (and former Churchill student) Jonathan Charlesworth just last week. He spoke to students about their experiences at school as research for a book he is in the process of revising. 
June, being pride month, has also marked the launch of the Pot of Gold award for members of staff. Students can nominate any adult in the school, using the tab on their SMILE page, who has actively promoted equality of any protected characteristic (gender, race, age, disability, sexuality, religion or belief). Please look out for teachers wearing it and congratulate them on being fantastic equalities champions. 
Thank you to members of Libra club for your hard work in making all this happen. You work tirelessly to promote equality at Churchill and students and staff are grateful to you for this. 

Thanks also to Mr Bennetts, Miss Dunne and Mr Gale for your input and help with making badges and logos.

Miss Lowrie