Churchill Academy

Primary schools join us for Science and Dance

Churchill Academy welcomed 74 year 4 pupils from Wrington, Churchill and Winford Primary schools this week to take part in science and dance as part of our Sparking Science project. The primary students were supported by our own students. Year 8 girls and Sixth Form students lead the girls through three Science activities. They investigated how snail slime can both help the snail glide over surfaces but also help hold the snail firm when attacked by predators. They designed timers to time exactly 1 minute, with the winning the timer measuring 1.02 mins! Their last investigation looked at lung capacity and exercise.

Meanwhile year 7 and 8 boys helped the year 4 boys to choreograph a dance incorporating body percussion and props to create different beats and rhythms, inspired by the show STOMP. 

All the pupils immersed themselves in the activities. Their enthusiasm will be extended back at their primary schools where each gender will teach the other about their activities, cascading their learning and developing their confidence whilst having great fun.

Sparking Science is an initiative supported by Weston-super-Mare Soroptimists to empower students and challenge stereotypes.