Churchill Academy

Rock Melt

Year 9 Music GCSE students (with a few special guests!) entertained a rapt audience on Tuesday evening with their impromptu Rock Melt concert. At stake was a slot in the prestigious Live Lounge, and valuable performing experience after the first section of the GCSE course. There was a varied programme including beautiful versions of songs by Adele, The Carpenters, Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes, some punchy rock from a group calling themselves "Brown Day", and a screaming thrash metal grunge medley! Particular mention must go to Year 8 students Catherine Hurcombe and Cara Crozier-Cole who took the stage to perform a song they'd composed themselves. Well done to all the performers and the student technical crew who made sure the whole event was lit beautifully and sounded great!

The winner of the Live Lounge slot from 9E/Mu1 was the group "Sixth Street" with the song "I walk the line" performed by Sarah Walsh (lead vocals), Georgina Robinson (drums), Ellie Ireland (piano), and Laura Loescher (keyboard). From 9A/Mu1 the group "Lej" won the slot, with the song "Close to you" performed by Lexie Barnes-Ferguson (lead vocals), Elliot Salvage (piano), and Jack Kearns (guitar). 

There were so many very good performances that the Music Department are putting on two Live Lounge events on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th June 1.20-1.50pm in the Drama Studio. 

The Year 9 runners up also taking part in these performances are...

  •  "Green Eyes" - song "Cigarette daydreams" - Livvy Green (lead vocals), Will Eyres (drums), Toby Dibble (guitar), Reece Landon (guitar), Nikolaij Gwyn-Williams (piano)
  • "Archie and Abbie" - song "Make you feel my love" - Abbie Dodds (lead vocals), Archie Smith (piano)
  • "Brown Day" - song "Holiday" - Jake Nordquist (lead vocals), Miles Francombe (lead guitar), David Clamp (rhythm guitar), George Brafield (bass guitar), Ben Corfield (drums)
  • "Call Out" - song "Stand by me" - Christian Southway (lead vocals), Victoria Pellant (saxophone), Will Boulton (piano), Aaron Browning (drums)

The Year 8 performances that will also be taking part in the Live Lounge events are...

  •  Catherine Hurcombe (lead vocals) and Cara Crozier (vocals and piano) singing "Darkness and Light"
  • Jack Enstock (electric guitar) and Jason McLaren (drums) performing a medley of heavy metal numbers.

 Well done to all for a brilliant evening of music making.  All students showed that there is a lot of potential for the years to come!