Churchill Academy

Sedgemoor Biathlon Championships

Seven Year 7 Churchill students took part in the Sedgemoor Biathlon Championships 2019.  They had to take on a 1,000m Cross Country Run followed by a sprint 100m in the pool.  Prizes were on offer on for visiting students and schools.
The run was a challenging and slippy course as we experienced the edge of the incoming storm but the students did not disappoint gaining valuable points for their team and individual scores.  Then came the swim and what a team of swimmers we have.  All students were pushing for PBs and showed a great level of commitment to the team as they stood cheering on their Churchill Teammates.  Corin Welsh just edged out the rest with an amazing PB of 1.11 for 100m.
At the end of a long day, the presentation and awards were handed out.  Talia Hughes, with a nationally recognised score of 2,096pts, won 1st Visitor for Year 7.  Churchill Academy were close to winning the prize for Visiting School, only to be edged out by the narrowest of margins by a brilliant performance by Sandford Primary School (we look forward to those Year 6 students joining the Churchill Team next year).
Thank to Celia Miall for brilliantly organising the teams and well done to our Year 7 students for being such amazing ambassadors for Churchill Academy and Sixth Form.

The Year 7 students are: Chelsea Hancocks, Evie Vowles, Talia Hughes, Grace Hurst, Corin Welsh, Zac Buckley and William Hathway.

Mr Buckley