Churchill Academy

Somerset Cup: Year 8

Round 1: Wellsway v Churchill

November 25th was the first round of the Somerset Cup for the Year 8s. They had a tough match against a strong Wellsway school side. The game started with some good high-pressing by Will S and Benedict S. A good start also by Wellsway who went 1-0 up. Churchill didn't let that get to them. A quick reply was offered by Will S, after getting into a dangerous position and crossing C Vann who released a great header to make it 1-1. Churchill defended very strongly with Harry C being very hard to beat; Oscar H being very aggressive to win the ball back and Max S dominating one on ones. Eddie S read the game very well with good interceptions, which created a chance where Churchill received a free kick in a dangerous position. C Vann slotted home an absolute monster to make it 1-2 Churchill. Good combinations in the wide areas with Rafferty A and some good dribbling by Owen G helped Churchill boost their confidence. Some good footwork in the middle resulting in an easy and composed finish by Will S 1-3 Churchill. In the second half half Alfie G made a good impact with an unlucky offside goal. Churchill had a long free-kick taken by C Vann and after good movement by James T he helped himself to a well earned goal 1-4 Churchill. Max S stood strong with Billy A in defence and Jay W sweeping up the loose balls well.

The game was in to the last minute and a unlucky foul was given in our box resulting in a penalty-kick. They slotted it away well and the whistle blew with Churchill winning 2-4. Onto the next round and hopefully these performances can continue.

The squad:  C Vann, B Skudder, H Cakaj, M Smith, B Avery, N Denis, O Griffiths, W Smith, E Smith, J Topman, O Hall, A Gait, JJ Weale, R Alexander

Match Report: Max Smith