Churchill Academy

Spanish School Visit 

This week we welcomed students from the Severo Ochoa School in Seville, Spain. Thirty two students and three teachers joined us for two days and took part in several activities. They got the opportunity to sample life at Churchill Academy, attended an amazing Science theatrical show and mixed with our students in PE and Modern Languages lessons. They spent social time with us and everyone tried out their Spanish skills. The students loved our facilities and the beautiful setting of the school and, especially, how welcoming and enthusiastic our students are.  Having people from my hometown made me feel a bit homesick, but the whole experience made me realise how lucky I am to be a part of this school.  We look forward to welcoming them again soon and hopefully pay them a visit in sunny Seville one day!

Señorita Márquez-Hernández


I think that science is pretty magical; I was thrilled when I was asked to do a science “magic” show for our exchange students from Seville dressed in a wizard’s hat. I remember clearly the first time I saw the big ‘whizz bang’ science demos, and how they helped inspire me to want to study science. I had a lot of fun putting together a sequence of explosions and colours to show what science lessons can be like in England. (Though admittedly, it’s not an everyday occurrence, the poor technicians would have their work cut out!) We went through colour chemistry, rocket fuels, and cannons firing, finishing with my favourite – the screaming jelly baby. I hope that our Spanish guests had a muy agradable time and go back to their school with a renewed enthusiasm for science. Oh and did I mention, the wizards hat was bright pink?

Mr McGraw-Allen