Churchill Academy

Spawn to be wild

Monday saw the final instalment of our involvement with the Spawn to be Wild project. Eleven Year 7 students attended Blagdon Lake with members from Avon Wildlife Trust and KIER, to release our resident eels back into the wild. In total we managed to release 85, which along with several local Primary schools, will see the total being approximately 300 released. Students also had the opportunity to inspect the trout tanks in Bristol Water and check the eel trap by the pumping station. Amazingly in a space of a few days, we intercepted four eels that already had started to begin their natural migratory journey. It has been a hugely interesting experience getting to know and understand these creatures for both myself and the students and we owe great thanks to Bristol Water, Avon Wildlife Trust and KIER for allowing us to take part in it. 

Mr Bevan