Churchill Academy

Spelling Bee Final 2017

What a tense final! Mrs Dudman took on Mr Woods to begin with and came out victorious in the Staff Spelling Bee for the second year in a row. There then followed a triumphant effort from all of our student contestants. The champions of the competition were Catherine Hurcombe (9HACW) in third place, James Dams (7HEE) in second and Mason Beramsingh (9HVR) as our Spelling Bee Winner 2017. In Mason’s acceptance speech he proudly explained that this is his third time entering the competition and he is delighted to be finally taking home the trophy. Mason's great example of the growth mindset will certainly encourage all the other participants, who may even be swotting up for 2018 already!

Before then, we have the Interschool Spelling Bee to look forward to on Tuesday 13th June where Catherine, James and Mason will be representing Churchill in a local derby. It will be one not to miss!  Congratulations once again to everybody and thank you to our terrific judges Victoria Pellant (10TES), Mr Grimmett, Mrs Birkett, Ms Marshall and Miss Strachan. Thanks to Miss Lowrie for organising the event.