Churchill Academy

Sponsored Walk and Trek 2018

After a year off due to a heatwave in 2017, the Sponsored Walk and Trek were back in 2018 better than ever! 

The Sponsored Walk for Year 7 and 8 saw 500 students walking with staff from school to join the Strawberry Line, with almost all teams making it to the summit of the nearby trig point  before coming back for a well-deserved lunch break at Winscombe rugby club. Students who completed the full summit walk completed 16km by the time they made it back to school! 

 The Sponsored Trek for Year 9 and 10 set students loose on the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where they “treasure hunted” for checkpoints before returning to school. Teams gained points for their House by visiting as many checkpoints as they could within the time limit.  The minimum distance walked was about 10km, whilst ambitious teams covered up to 20km! The results are in...

We're very grateful to all the staff who worked together to ensure that the walk and trek were conducted safely, and to the Avon and Somerset Cliff Rescue team for supporting the Trek. 

All sponsorship money should be returned to the Academy as soon as possible so the tutor group fundraising totals can be compiled. We will publish a final total in the newsletter. Funds raised go to support Cancer Research UK and the Friends of Churchill Academy