Churchill Academy

Strictly Dance Fever 2017

Thursday evening saw yet another successful and crowd pleasing ‘Strictly Dance Fever’. The talent on show was sensational, as every performer fought to win and demonstrate their skills to the audience who were jam-packed into the auditorium. The very difficult task of deciding on the winners was made by the three judges; Shelley Lippe, Vicki Rees and Symon Buckley. The winning piece was a technically demanding and yet moving solo performed and choreographed by Emily Hurst (Year 10) and this proved to be a very popular decision as they were presented with the ‘Strictly Dance Fever’ trophy. The ‘Best Performer’ trophy was then presented to Rhiannon Davies (Year 10) for her outstanding performance throughout the show. This was an extremely popular and successful event and pupils are already beginning to plan ahead for ‘Strictly Dance Fever 2018’!