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Virtual Sports Day: the results!

Seven days, seven challenges. For the final time, Hanover, Tudor, Windsor and Stuart marched into virtual battle as a four. Windsor house have been dominant in the virtual house match quiz competitions, could they continue their run? Can the Stuart house name be once again engraved onto the sports day trophy? Hanover house were last year’s close runners up, this was meant to be ‘their year’, a chance to settle the score, could they rise to the online challenge? Or would Tudor house shine through to pip all other competition to the post?

We have been overwhelmed with the response to our virtual adventure. Credit to our students, they have been beyond awesome and we have loved watching every photo / video that has been submitted in your house colours. Form us all. Thank you to every student that took part! You only have to look at our wall of fame to get a small snippet of the time, effort and creativity shown by all students involved.

On to the important stuff! Here are the individual results for each challenge. 



Top performers

Challenge 1 - Question

1st - Windsor (182)

2nd - Tudor (180)

3rd-  Hanover (165)

4th - Stuart (157)


Challenge 2 - House colours

1st - Stuart

2nd - Windsor

3rd- Tudor and Hanover

4th -

Kimi Powell (Tudor)

Ollie Walford (Stuart)

Josh Moon (Windsor)

Evie Vowles (Hanover)

Mr Malkin (Staff - Tudor)

Challenge 3 - 1-5K Run / Walk / Cycle

1st - Windsor

2nd - Tudor

3rd- Stuart

4th - Hanover

Seb Leaney - 5K run (15:20) - Hanover

Seamus Barnett - 5K run (16:00) Windsor

Challenge 4 - Speed bounce

1st - Stuart

2nd - Hanover

3rd- Tudor

4th - Windsor

Chelsea Hancocks (Hanover) 89

Challenge 5 - Tea towel Showdown

1st - Tudor and Windsor

2nd -

3rd- Stuart

4th - Hanover

Archie Ganfield (Windsor) 7

Rhiannon Dickie (Windsor) 7

Jenna Bakehouse (Stuart) 7

Challenge 6 - Step up & sprint like bolt

1st - Tudor

2nd - Windsor

3rd- Stuart

4th - Hanover

Ella Robinson (Stuart) 40

Challenge 7 - Standing long jump

1st - Tudor

2nd - Windsor

3rd- Stuart

4th - Hanover

Kimi Powell (Tudor) 2.30

The final result came down to the LAST SECOND. The virtual version of the pip of all pips to the post. Credit here goes to the final entry made by year 7 student, Ridhima Rane who managed to bag two points for her house with a correct answer in challenge one. These points for the FIRST time this week managed to take….


 ...Into the lead and secure the sports day trophy! CONGRATULATIONS!

 Well done to everyone involved this week. We hope you have enjoyed the challenges. We can’t wait to get back to the real thing next year, bigger, better and we welcome the rise of Lancaster House!

 Team PE


Total all challenges









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