Churchill Academy

Year 10 Mock Interviews

Year 10 moved further forward in their quest for employability this week by experiencing their first interview process with a ‘real’ person.  We are very grateful to our volunteers in the Army, Weston College, Oak Tree Parks, Debbie Fortune Estate Agents, Sue Harding Recruitment and Training, Aberystwyth University, Rotary Club, Tonic, Babcock and our Alumni contacts through ‘Future First’ who participated in the programme.  Thanks also to Mr Trask who did an excellent job of organising the event. 

During the interview students were challenged to articulate their strengths, weaknesses, plans for the future and their development of transferable skills.  Some students found the experience a little daunting at first (who wouldn’t?) but didn’t find the interview to be quite as difficult as they had expected, some even remarked it was quite enjoyable.  As Year 10 gear up for Work  Experience next month the confidence built through the interviews will help them to approach their week even more positively.  The interviewers were suitably impressed with the ‘soft skills’ on display and the wealth of interests and experiences our students are gaining.  Well done Year 10.  Here’s some feedback from a couple of our interviewers:

"For someone new in this area, I found the Mock Interviews on Tuesday an absolutely marvellous demonstration of what a terrific academy Churchill is and what opportunities are provided.  I hope that those who came along learnt a little of the importance of a really well written CV.  I was very impressed by the confidence and breadth of interest of those Year 10s who I met." Interviewer Roger Vincent, Rotary

“All the students that I interviewed seemed prepared, spoke well and took the process quite seriously.  They all answered the questions and were polite and punctual.  In fact with a couple of them I wish I had had more time to chat to them about their futures and what interests and ambitions they currently have. They were all a credit to their parents and the school and I hope that it helps them in the future.” Interviewer Rachel Nation, Oak Tree Parks

Mr Morgan