Churchill Academy

The Careers Convention 2021

Hello and welcome to our Annual Careers Convention! 

This year, for the first time ever, our Careers Convention is online.  You won’t be able to go around and collect yourself an assortment of novelty items and enough prospectuses to fill your neighbour’s recycle bin this year, but we hope you enjoy using the resources that have been created for you.   The vast majority of the providers that are ‘attending’ the Careers Convention have made these resources for you.  As you navigate the Convention you will find there’s a video, usually in the form of a short talk, and links to websites for you to find out more. 


This term's focus is on Employers. Click on the link below to view all of the Employee information we have to share with you regarding your next career step.



Below you will see our Education and Training section. 

Sixth Form and General Further Education Colleges Specialist educators offering Further and Higher Education
Universities and Conservatoires Find out about University and Apprenticeships 


 After you have been to the Careers Convention, it would be great if you can log it as a careers activity on your Grofar account.  If you can’t remember how to use it click here for the instructions.


Thanks to Ms McGonigal, Mrs Franklin and Ms Clements for all the work that has gone into making this year’s Careers Convention happen!