Churchill Academy & Sixth Form


Transport to and from the Academy run by North Somerset Council's Home to School Transport team for those students living within the Academy's first geographical area. For those outside this area, there are public transport buses and coaches run by private companies (see below). Please direct all queries regarding transport to the relevant company as the Academy does not operate the bus services to and from school. 

Students travelling from within our first geographical area

Contact: Home to School Transport Team 
Telephone:    01934 634715

Students travelling from outside our first geographical area

eg: Weston/Hutton/Locking etc


Bakers Coaches
48 Locking Road


Please note

Students who travel by coach must stay on the school site until their coach leaves.  If students miss a coach they must report to the Main School Office or the member of staff on duty at the coach loop.

Public Transport

Click here to find out about North Somerset subsidised bus services.

Click here for information about "First" bus services.

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