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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Uniform & Equipment

We expect all students to be smartly dressed and appropriately equipped for school. 

Uniform Policy

For all students Years 7-11: 

  • Charcoal grey plain full-length trousers
  • If a belt is to be worn, this must be black and suitable for school
  • Maroon School Uniform Polo Shirt with House Colour Trim and School Logo
  • Plain black flat polishable shoes. Must be all black, with no coloured logos or flashes. Shoes should enclose and protect toes and heels for health and safety reasons. Boots, canvas or fabric shoes or trainers are not allowed. Air Force or similar plain black trainers with uppers that are “polishable” are acceptable as school shoes, as are any plain black polishable shoes. Trainers with fabric uppers, or trainers with white or coloured logos or flashes, are not acceptable. 
  • Black socks only
  • Hats, scarves and coats, if worn, should be plain, without logos or patterns. Denim or leather jackets are not permitted.
  • If walking or cycling to school, we recommend students wear a high visibility addition to their normal coat or stickers on their bag, particularly during the winter months. 

Our uniform is available from NK Sports in Worle and Deane & Sons in Cheddar.  Please note that our uniform can be purchased on-line from both retailers.  Orders can be posted to home addresses or can be collected from the stores for free.

When in uniform, students are public representatives and ambassadors for Churchill Academy & Sixth Form. The Academy uniform should be worn with pride and the Academy Code of Conduct applies at all times that students are in uniform.

  • Hoodies: Academy hoodies (House PE hoodies, Maroon Academy hoodies, or Grey Year 11 hoodies) are acceptable to wear as part of the Academy's uniform. Hoods must be worn down. Other hoodies (those not issued by the Academy, or "trip" hoodies) are not acceptable and should not be worn to school.
  • Hair colour and style: hair should be a natural colour. Extreme hair styles are not acceptable (for example very short hair or hair with designs cut in). Please check with the Academy beforehand if you are unsure. The decision of Academy staff on the definition of “extreme” and “natural” will be final.
  • The Academy is signed up to the Halo Code: we champion the right of staff and students to embrace all Afro-hairstyles. You can read more about the Halo Code here
  • Jewellery: students are permitted a watch and a ring. Piercings in the ear and/or nose must be studs only for health and safety reasons. Hoops, rings, dangly, spiked, chain link or spacer style earrings or nose piercings are not permitted. No other piercings are allowed (e.g. tongue or other parts of the body). All piercings must be removed or covered with a plaster when taking part in PE or Dance. Bracelets and anklets should not be worn. Necklaces should be tucked inside uniform. All watches of any kind must be removed during exams.
  • Make up: make up is not permitted in Years 7 or 8. In Years 9-11 make up, if worn, should be discreet. Nail varnish, false nails and false eyelashes are not permitted. 
  • Hot weather: in the event of extremely hot weather, the Headteacher will authorise PE kit as uniform for the day. This will be notified on a daily basis. Unless notified, standard uniform applies.
  • Mobile Phones: Students should follow the rule: “my mobile phone will not be seen or heard in the Academy.” Mobile devices should be switched off and kept out of sight in students’ bags or lockers throughout the school day. Similarly students should not have AirPods, earphones or earbuds in during the school day. The Academy takes no responsibility for any mobile devices brought to school by students. For more information on our "phone-free school" approach see our Mobile Devices Policy

Academy PE Kit

  • Black polo shirt with House colour stripes and Academy logo
  • Sports trainers (no plimsolls)
  • Black football/rugby socks with Churchill logo
  • White sports socks
  • Shin pads
  • Gum shield
  • Black shorts or skort with house colour stripes
  • Black hooded sweatshirt with House colour panels and Academy logo
  • Football/rugby boots with studs if required
  • Optional: plain black tracksuit trousers or plain black sports leggings (with Academy logo from September 2021)
  • Optional: rugby shirt
  • Long hair must be tied back with a plain black hair band

Specialist kit is available to students playing for Academy teams and to some option groups in Years 10 and 11. Please speak to staff for details. 

Academy Dance Kit

  • Black polo shirt with House colour stripes and Academy logo for Key Stage 3 (same as PE kit)
  • Dance company t-shirts for Key Stage 4 (available to purchase when BTEC course starts)
  • Black shorts/skort, black jogging bottoms or black leggings (same as PE kit)
  • Black hooded sweatshirt with House colour panels and Academy logo (same as PE kit) - these are removed after the warm up is complete
  • Long hair must be tied back with a hair band
  • Bare feet or dance shoes. If socks need to be worn for medical reasons these need to be socks with grips on the bottom and a parental email provided (please see below). 

If specified kit is not available please send your child in with an appropriate equivalent e.g. plain t-shirt and shorts.

If there is a medical reason your child cannot wear the specified uniform or take part in a Dance lesson please email FAO Dance Department.  

Handwritten notes are no longer accepted. 


Every day, students are expected to bring:

Essential equipment (students must have this every day): 

  • A Pencil case containing:
    • Two black pens
    • Two sharp pencils
    • Rubber
    • Ruler
    • Scientific calculator (Casio fx-85GTCW preferred)
    • Reading book
    • Planner with timetable

Desirable equipment (students should have this every day):  

  • One Purple Pen
  • One Green Pen
  • Protractor
  • Pair of compasses
  • Set of coloured pencils
  • Glue stick
  • Set of four highlighters
  • Water bottle – reusable


  • Students who do not conform to our expectations will be challenged and we hope to receive the support of families in sorting things out quickly. 
  • If a student has a piercing that is not allowed at the Academy, they will be asked to take it out (regardless of whether it is new). It is especially important that families support us with our stance on piercings; if parents have allowed a piercing to take place which is not permitted as part of the Academy's uniform expectations, this can cause unnecessary issues between the Academy and our students. 
  • If the problem is not rectified, students will be educated in isolation from their peers.  Whilst the Academy will do our best to keep progress moving, isolation for any length of time is likely to undermine such progress.
  • We thank families for supporting us with proper uniform.

Sixth Form Dress Code

Our Sixth Form students are expected to dress in an appropriate manner for the learning environment that they are in.  We allow them the responsibility that comes with being a Sixth Former to make appropriate decisions about their appearance.

Second-hand uniform scheme

Items of second-hand uniform are available for all families free of charge.

We know that uniform can be an expensive requirement for our families and, with this in mind, we want to help our school community by making good quality second-hand uniform easily available to everyone.

Many items of uniform have a longer life beyond the point when our students have outgrown them and could be re-used by another student. As well as saving families money, re-using uniform also reduces our impact on the environment.

To support our scheme, we are asking families to donate any unwanted items of uniform that are in good condition and could be worn by another student.

Please donate items that are:

  • In good condition
  • Clean

Unfortunately, we cannot accept items that are:

  • Ripped or torn
  • Stained or marked
  • Dirty / unwashed

If you have any uniform items in good condition that your child no longer wears, we would be very grateful if you would consider donating them to the school. Donations can be handed in to the Academy’s main reception.

If you wish to come in and select items of second-hand uniform, please contact Gail Woodley on 01934 852771 or email