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At Churchill, we believe that every student has the potential to lead and we work hard to create a range of opportunities for students to realise and develop these Leadership Skills.

This year we have introduced Churchill School Councils across the main school to move in line with the established Sixth Form Council. These Councils are run on a year group basis, and each is managed by one of our middle leadership team.

They hold regular meetings where they work within one of the the Academy priorities; recovery, culture, teaching and learning, curriculum and the learning environment.

Each year group has the opportunity to make proposals to the Senior Leadership Team and are invited to attend a minimum of one of these meetings a year. They can also request to meet with particular members of staff or groups within the school.

They are consulted on a range of management proposals and their feedback is used to inform school decisions.

Leadership within the Curriculum

The Academy’s curriculum for 2021 embeds leadership skills into programs of study, lessons and feedback that build on our leadership characteristics of being responsible, honest, inspiring, adaptable and courageous.