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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Churchill Foodies

Our students have been passionately engaged this week, transforming the kitchen into a hive of culinary creativity.

The Year 7s bravely ventured into the world of homemade pizzas, with their topping choices reflecting personal tastes - from the timeless margarita to the controversial pineapple.

Meanwhile, Year 8s crafted some impressive burgers, perfectly complemented by either a fresh salad or crispy fries. Year 8s also honed their presentation skills, skilfully using crackers and garnishes to enhance their dishes.

Finally, the Year 10s delved into the art of food styling and plating, taking up the exciting challenge of transforming a tunnocks tea cake into a sophisticated dessert. 

We're always amazed at what our students are able to achieve in their Food and Nutrition lessons, and look forward to what they’ll continue to make!