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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Spelling Bee 2024 Winners Revealed!

On Wednesday 3rd July, family and friends were invited to watch nine participants compete to win the Churchill Spelling Bee 2024!

The judges on the day were Ms Marshall, Miss Allen and Mr Hildrew, with Miss Burge compering the event.

The competition saw three student rounds, a staff challenge and a parent challenge. 

Putting the students through their paces were some incredibly challenging words, including indoctrinate, palindrome and chrysanthemum! We were really impressed by the students' spelling, especially for giving their best attempt at words many of us had never heard of before! 

In the staff round, Mr Hildrew went head-to-head with Mr Grimett. Both teachers won each of their rounds, putting them in a tie position for the crown. It was the final word that defeated both teachers - so they took the tie as a win! 

It was great to see where our students got their fantastic spelling from, with the parents joining in to win chocolate bars!

All of the students competed with great enthusiasm and we’re so proud to see such passion towards the English language. Well done to all the students and we’re pleased to reveal the results below: 

Spelling Bee 2024 Winner:

Charlie Costigan

Runner up 

Lizzie Pincher

Third place (joint)

Will Halls, April Mills and Isla Cloke


Spelling Bee 2024 10 finalists: 

Joey Clausen 7LDAT

Hanna Niemczewska 7WAL

Tomos Parsons 9HCRS

Lizzie Pincher 9SGAD

Charlie Costigan 9HALH

Will Halls 9TBR

Isla Cloke 9SSOM

Lily Guy 9SALC

Doug Cornick 9HCRS

April Mills 9SRS


Special thanks to Keziah Sharkey (#dictionarycorner) for helping us with the definitions and to Mrs Gill for stepping in to read some hard-to-pronounce words!