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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Poetry Competition 2023

This year's inter-house poetry competition focused on two things close to students' hearts: social media, and Churchill Academy & Sixth Form!

There was a fantastic array of inventive takes on the subject matter, from fully endorsing the wonders of Instagram, to challenging the distorted reality it promotes.

With the Churchill theme, it was heart-warming to see so many entries celebrating the Academy  as a warm place full of kindness, care and learning. 

Congratulations to the winners. It was a joy to read all the poems! 

Poetry Competition Winners
  • 1. Melissa Otero-Zambrzycka - 8HMIS -1st (Hanover Winner/Winner Overall) (£10 Amazon voucher winner!)
  • 2. Eliza Gilson - 7SCN -2nd (Stuart Winner/2nd Overall) (Easter egg winner)
  • 3. Lily Bissett-MacEwen- 8TZH -3rd (Tudor Winner/3rd Overall) (Easter egg winner)
  • 4. Isla Cloke - 8SSOM -4th (4th Overall)
  • 5. Jason Corke -8LLUM -5th (Lancaster Winner / 5th Overall)
  • 6. Zander Wilson -8SSJL -6th (6th Overall)
  • 7. Mia Buckley -8WST -7th (Windsor Winner / 7th Overall)
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