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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Sixth Form PSHE

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, Economic) education in the Sixth Form is a compulsory element of all students’ Study Programmes. This is not a subject you opt for, it is automatically built into your timetable’s activities through year group assemblies, the daily Tutorial Programme and aspects of the wider curriculum such as the Specialist Tutor Programme, Work Experience and the Volunteering Programme. This is enriched through chosen external speakers and organisations, in addition to our own teaching.  Our programme is delivered through three key elements:  Emotional, Social and Cognitive development and includes key themes such as Careers Education, British Values and diversity embedded throughout the two years.  The core elements of our PSHE programme are taught to all students, whilst the wider curriculum provides opportunities for students to personalise and extend their learning further.



Subject specific entry requirement: Standard Sixth Form
Qualification: This is a ‘non-qualification’ activity, but we recognise your development through the ‘Churchill Charter’ and your Unifrog profile.
Topics and areas covered:

Emotional development includes topics such as:

Body image, mental wellbeing health, personal health, healthy eating, work-life balance and preparing for the ‘next steps’ in life.  Additionally, sexual health topics such as healthy sexual relationships, STIs, contraception, pornography, healthy and unhealthy relationships, and sexual identity - such as sexual orientation or gender reassignment.

Social development includes topics such as:

Online and ‘real world’ risks, drugs, alcohol, legal highs, crime and risks involved with travelling, both home and abroad.  Additionally, topics linked to inclusion, cultural diversity, democracy, citizenship, discrimination and challenging prejudice - such as protected characteristics and disability, rights and the law.   

Careers education topics including labour market information, employability skills, professional social media use, apprenticeships and University pathways – including student finance - alongside application support and processes for all destinations. In addition, you learn about financial capability topics such as wealth management and budgeting. 

Cognitive development includes topics such as:

Understanding memory, how you learn, revision techniques, exam preparation and study skills, setting goals, managing stress, positive mind-set, and time management tools.

Future career path: PSHE links into every aspect of life, you become a well-rounded individual ready for modern Britain through the course.  The skills and experiences you accumulate strengthen your readiness to progress from Sixth Form into your chosen destination with confidence.
Examination information: Our curriculum is based upon the PSHE Association’s KS5 syllabus and divided into the three themes above.  It is adapted for our local context and priorities.  There is no exam in this subject.
Additional information:

The course is taught as a two year syllabus, with some core elements taught each year and a combination of areas taught in either Year 12 or Year 13.