Churchill Academy

Continuing Professional Development

Churchill Academy & Sixth Form is committed to supporting staff in their ongoing professional development.  We expect staff to review their personal training and identify their training needs at the start of each academic year, and encourage them to refer to their performance development review targets.  Ongoing discussions with line managers and/or PDR reviewers should also take place.

We offer a comprehensive programme to promote and enable continuing professional development for all staff.

Teaching and Learning at Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Our teaching and learning blog is up and running! Posts from our staff are collected on the blog to share our practice, present tips and advice, and give updates on the CPD projects we are running. Click here to take a look!

Teaching and Learning at Churchill is focused on our Academy Teaching and Learning Principles

Internal CPD Provision

There are 5 INSET days in the academic year; each of these will have a theme allocated to them.  Confirmation of the INSET days and the themes are available in the CPD Programme Guide

Twilight Programme

There are 6 twilight CPD sessions as part of the Academy's meeting cycle during the academic year. Staff sign up to a programme for the whole year to develop specific aspects of their practice. This year, there are teacher-led programmes for homework, numeracy, creativity, feedback, independent learning, literacy, "STEM, STEAM and beyond", "Smart teaching, super teaching." There is also a bespoke programme for Teaching Assistants and a leadership development programme running in these sessions. 

PGCE Programme

This programme is led by Joanne Gill, Assistant Headteacher for Teaching & Learning.  This ensures that all student teachers at the Academy are fully inducted and developed during their year with us. 

NQT and New Staff Induction Programme

This programme is led by Joanne Gill, Assistant Headteacher for Teaching & Learning.  Both new (to the Academy) and newly qualified teaching staff are welcome to attend these sessions.  Details regarding the programme are published at the beginning of each academic year.

Support staff have their own induction programme linked to the 6-month probationary period.

Middle Leadership Team (MLT)

Heads of Faculty and Heads of House jointly lead the planning of additional CPD opportunities provided within Faculty meeting time, and some Twilight sessions regarding pedagogy and the sharing of good practice.


We work closely with the North Somerset Teaching Alliance