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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Staff List

If you want to contact a staff member, please email and address it for the staff member's attention.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr Chris Hildrew | Headteacher
  • Mrs Lucy James | Deputy Headteacher
  • Mrs Frances Dawes | Deputy Headteacher
  • Mr Ally Bigwood | Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr Garaeth Davies | Assistant Head, Culture, Participation & Engagement
  • Mrs Joanne Gill | Assistant Head, Teaching & Learning
  • Mrs Lorraine McKay | Assistant Head, Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Mr Robert Morgan / Hannah Sheppard (job share) | Assistant Head, Head of Sixth Form and Careers Leader
  • Miss Katie O'Malley | Assistant Head, Inclusion

If you would like to contact a member of the teaching staff, please do so through the My Child at School App or email

Teaching Staff

Faculty of English

  • Mr David Grimmett: Director of English (i/c KS4 English)
  • Miss Katherine Allen
  • Miss Iona Booth: Leader of Learning - KS3 English
  • Miss Lily-Peg Burge
  • Mrs Louise Creber
  • Mrs Nadine Darwin
  • Mr Chris Hildrew
  • Ms Alexandra Homewood: Leader of Learning - KS5 English
  • Ms Susan Marshall
  • Miss Sophie Matter
  • Ms Dee Parker
  • Mr Jayesh Patel: Leader of Learning - KS4 English
  • Miss Hannah Smith

Faculty of Science

  • Ms Yolanda Chadwick: Director of Science
  • Mrs Liz Bradley 
  • Mr Christopher Cooknell: Lead Teacher Physics
  • Mr Declan Garrett
  • Dr Alexis Hunter-Craig
  • Mr Paul Linnitt: Leader of Learning - KS3 Science
  • Mr James Molony
  • Mr Chris Newell
  • Mrs Leyla Pattison Lead Teacher Chemistry (maternity leave)
  • Mr Martin Ramshaw
  • Miss Marisa Sorrell
  • Mrs Elizabeth Watson: Leader of Learning - KS4 Science
  • Mrs Jenna Wilson: Leader of Learning - KS5 Science

Faculty of Mathematics

  • Mrs Jenny Turner: Director of Mathematics
  • Mrs Leonie Abbott
  • Mrs Mandeep Churchouse
  • Mr David Gale: Leader of Learning - KS3 Mathematics
  • Ms Georgia Hunt Leader of Learning - KS5 Mathematics
  • Mr Pete Jones
  • Mrs Sophie Millner 
  • Mr Barney Rolph
  • Miss Rebecca Sanders
  • Mr Robert Skeen: Leader of Learning - KS4 Mathematics
  • Mr Dan Thomas
  • Mr Andrew Tinker: Leader of Outdoor Education
  • Mrs Claire Walker

Faculty of Business, Computing and Social Science

  • Mrs Jacqueline Davey: Director of Business, Computing and Social Science
  • Ms Georgina Culley: Leader of Learning - Law and H&SC (KS4)
  • Mrs Christina Greenslade
  • Mr Craig Shaddick
  • Mr Oliver Corke: Leader of learning - Psychology and H&SC (KS5)
  • Mrs Lorraine McKay 
  • Mr Peter O'Connor: Leader of Learning - Computing & ICT
  • Ms Hannah Sheppard: Deputy Head of Sixth Form
  • Mrs Zoe Turner, Leader of Learning - Business Studies

Faculty of Humanities

  • Mrs Helen Amer: Director of Humanities
  • Mr Jon Bevan: Sixth Form Head of Year 13
  • Miss Verushka Bogonosov
  • Dr Richard Carpenter 
  • Mrs Alison Crocker: Director of PSHE and RE
  • Ms Ella Davies
  • Mr Garaeth Davies
  • Miss Ellie Edwards
  • Mrs Joanne Gill 
  • Mrs Alexandra Hayne
  • Miss Katherine Hoare 
  • Mr Andrew Logan: Leader of Learning - History & Politics
  • Mr Robert Morgan 
  • Mrs Rose North
  • Mr Michael Sharp: Leader of Learning - Geography
  • Mr Andrew Slater
  • Mr Liam Smith: Sixth Form Head of Year 12
  • Mr Nathan Waller

Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages

  • Mrs Liesel Howe: Director of MFL
  • Mrs Johanne Cattani
  • Miss Gema Marquez-Hernandez
  • Miss Charlotte Monard: Deputy Director of MFL
  • Mr Jon Wilkinson

Faculty of Physical Education

  • Mr James Hayne: Director of PE
  • Mrs Alison Blackburn
  • Mr George Davey
  • Miss Laura Heyworth
  • Miss Holly James: Deputy Director of PE
  • Mr Paul Mason
  • Miss Katie O'Malley
  • Mr James Redman
  • Mrs Chloe Taylor

Faculty of Performing Arts

  • Mr Symon Buckley: Director of Performing Arts
  • Miss Karen Bones: Leader of Learning - Drama
  • Mr Stephen Bryant: Leader of Learning - Music
  • Miss Vicki Cook
  • Mrs Victoria Corke
  • Mrs Shelley Lippe: Leader of Learning - Dance
  • Ms Louise Mantle
  • Mrs Lindsey Murphy
  • Mr Jeff Spencer

Faculty of Art, Design and Technology

  • Miss Sarah Tucker: Director of Faculty (job share)
  • Ms Leanne Hodge: Director of Faculty (job share); Leader of Learning - Food
  • Mrs Petra Bartosova
  • Ms Liza Bessant
  • Mrs Naomi Briffitt 
  • Ms Kaja Brockington
  • Mr Brandon Butcher: Leader of Learning - Technology
  • Ms Laura Capes
  • Mrs Clare Coman
  • Mrs Frances Dawes
  • Mr Nigel Downing: Leader of Learning - Art
  • Miss Tanya Leach
  • Miss Alexandra Portch
  • Mr Dan Tivenan 

Support Staff

Student Services

  • Mrs Agnieszka Moncur: SENCO
  • Mrs Natalie Jones: Access Coordinator
  • Mrs Joanne Dignum: Home Tuition Tutor
  • Mrs Anne Graham
  • Mrs Elizabeth Slocombe: Literacy Specialist Teacher
  • Mrs Philippa Strachan: Pastoral Support Worker
  • Mr Shaun Cross: Pastoral Support Worker
  • Mrs Nina Webber: Pastoral Support Worker
  • Mrs Maire McNeil: Pastoral Support Worker
  • Mr Christian Jenks: Pastoral Support Worker
  • Miss Megan McIntyre: Teaching Assistant
  • Mr Tommy Barlow: Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Abbey Galsworthy: Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Penny Good: Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Claire Knight: Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Rachel Elvin:Learning Support Assistant
  • Mr Thomas Starr: Learning Support Assistant

Admin, Finance, HR and Marketing

  • Mrs Yvette Belcher: School Administrator (Student Services/Admissions)
  • Miss Zoe Clements: School Administrator (Reception)
  • Miss Hannah Cadman: School Administrator (Exams, Events and Marketing)
  • Miss Hayley Collins: HR Assistant
  • Miss Fiona Coombs: HR Manager
  • Mrs Amanda Curtis: School Administrator (Reception)
  • Miss Pascale Dunning: Finance Manager
  • Mrs Sara Foster: Finance Assistant
  • Mrs Susan Gibbs: Laundry Assistant
  • Mrs Nicola Hamilton: Senior Cover Supervisor
  • Mrs Emily Hamill: Head's PA & Clerk to Local Governing Body
  • Mrs Elizabeth Hembrow: School Nurse
  • Mrs Lizzie Hudson: Data, Exams & Systems Officer
  • Mrs Leasa Knapp: Pupil Premium Administrator
  • Ms Suzie McGonigal: Careers & Business Engagement Coordinator
  • Mrs Lisa McTeer: Exams, Data & Systems Administrator
  • Mrs Rachel Newson: School Nurse
  • Mrs Caroline Phippen: School Administrator (Student Services)
  • Mrs Hazel Putterill: Cover Supervisor
  • Miss Michelle Sperring: School Administrator
  • Mrs Rachel Thompson: Sixth Form Manager
  • Miss Claire Thorne: Finance Assistant
  • Mrs Heather Whiteley: Cover Supervisor
  • Mrs Caroline Whittle: Attendance Team Leader
  • Mrs Gail Woodley: Administration Manager


  • Mr Jaiden Butcher: IT Network Manager
  • Mr Adrian Krzyzaniak: IT Technician 


  • Mrs Susan Dibble: Library Manager
  • Mrs Sally Rodway: Reading Support Assistant


  • Mr Alex Butler: Site & Facilities Assistant
  • Mr Keith Laughton: Site & Facilities Manager
  • Mr Gareth Starr: Site & Facilities Assistant
  • Mr Andrew Winstanley: Site & Facilities Assistant


  • Mrs Haley Hinks: Senior Science Technician
  • Mr Philip Horler: Performance Technician
  • Mrs Sarah Ives: Food Technician
  • Miss Sarah Jackson: Science Technician
  • Mrs Christine Jarecki: Technology Technician
  • Mr Kit Merryfield: Technology Technician
  • Mr Tristan Stuart: Commercial Technician (Performing Arts)
  • Mrs Rosemary Tucker: Reprographics
  • Miss Sarah Walker: Science Technician
  • Mrs Shan Woodley: Science Technician