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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Student Leadership


At Churchill, we believe that every student has the potential to lead. Therefore, we endeavour to create a range of opportunities for all students to realise and develop these Leadership Skills.

We recognise the contributions made by all of our students every day and it is our aim to encourage and include all students in all aspects of school life.

There are three key strands to the development of Leadership at the Academy,

  1. Leadership through the curriculum
  2. Leadership through the pastoral system
  3. Leadership through the Co and extracurricular programs.

Leadership through the Curriculum

The Academy’s curriculum vision embeds leadership into programs of study, lessons and feedback that help our students to develop these skills and recognise the characteristics of Leadership in others and within themselves.

Leadership Skills – Leadership skills are taught through the curriculum and focus on those contained within Communication, Creative problem Solving, Self-management and Collaboration. Universal access to “Unifrog” allows students to reflect on and build their Leadership skills profile as well as access the range of other resources. Students are taught how to use Unifrog during PSHE and through the tutor program.

As well as developing skills, faculties have leadership roles built into their curriculum where students take on a greater level of responsibility by leading on different aspects of the curriculum or provision.

Leadership through the pastoral system

Our ambition for all students at Churchill is that we equip them for the future and that they “Set no limits on what they can achieve”. We value the positive roles they play every day around the Academy and in the wider community. To help steer their skills and enthusiasm we have many established pastoral roles at the academy and many that are constantly evolving.

House Captains

House Captains 2023 2024

Stuart: Annelie Eaton & Archie Glanfield

Windsor: Joe Coman & Evie Darwall

Tudor: Liam Filer & Theo Scott

Lancaster: Erin Coates & Katie Davis

Hanover: Zoe Gilmour & Beth Prosser

The House Captain role is of great importance both within the House and across the whole school.

Applications to be House Captain are open in the fifth term to all year 10 students to start in term 6 and all students are invited to apply.

The House Captains are pivotal to the student leadership at the Academy with a focus on “Leading and directing” to make a positive impact across the whole school community. They are responsible for managing House Councils and provide guidance and support for the younger students as well as initiating and assisting at whole school events.

Churchill Student Council

Each House has a council with representation from each tutor group. The Council are student led and meet regularly with their Head of House. Their focus is on House identity and impact and they look to lead on House and whole school initiatives.

Every student is invited to join the Council and new members are always welcome. If students are unsure then they are welcome to come along to a meeting.

The student Leadership groups meet regularly with members of staff, middle and senior leadership teams and are invited to attend Senior Leadership and Trustee meetings.

All student Leaders on the Council are invited to attend an annual Leadership Conference which focuses on building strong Leadership groups and developing the vision and skills they need to make a positive impact.

Further information on the Leadership training can be found here and the Head’s blog on the 2022 Conference here.

Student Ambassadors

Every year 7 student has the opportunity to be an ambassador for the Academy. Ambassadors receive “ambassador training” and will be involved in welcoming visitors to the school both during the school day and at after school events, taking them on tours and answering any questions they may have.

Buddy Scheme

Students in year 10 help with the transition of our new students from their first visits in year 6 to becoming Year 7 Churchill students in September. The role ensures that each new student has the support of an older student as a friendly face and source of information.

It also provides an opportunity for our older students to undertake a position of responsibility, to be a positive role model, to enhance their personal development, increase their self-confidence and give them the satisfaction of being able to help others.

Leadership Skills Development Programmes

Duke of Edinburgh

The school runs a very successful Duke of Edinburgh scheme with students signing up in year 9 and 10 for the Bronze, and 11 and 13 for Silver and Gold.

The Award, at all levels, involves far more than just the expeditions. Participants gain huge value and recognition from volunteering, learning/improving a skill and being physically active. Typically our Duke of Edinburgh students collectively complete over 500 hours or volunteering a month making a wonderful contribution to their communities which they can correctly feel proud about!

Futures Program

The Churchill futures program is for year 11 students with high aspirations to study A-levels and attend a Russell Group University. Around 25 students will embark on the program which will include bespoke “Learning Visits” to places that have previously included Universities, Engineering firms, Accountants, Media studios, architects, banks and law firms. They will spend time researching career options and meet with under graduates in their chosen field