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At Churchill, we believe that every student has the potential to lead and we work hard to create a range of opportunities for students to realise and develop these Leadership Skills.

This year we have introduced Churchill School Councils across the main school to move in line with the established Sixth Form Council. These Councils are run on a year group basis, and each is managed by one of our middle leadership team.

They hold regular meetings where they work within one of the the Academy priorities; recovery, culture, teaching and learning, curriculum and the learning environment.

Each year group has the opportunity to make proposals to the Senior Leadership Team and are invited to attend a minimum of one of these meetings a year. They can also request to meet with particular members of staff or groups within the school.

They are consulted on a range of management proposals and their feedback is used to inform school decisions.

Leadership within the Curriculum

The Academy’s curriculum for 2021 embeds leadership skills into programs of study, lessons and feedback that build on our leadership characteristics of being responsible, honest, inspiring, adaptable and courageous.

Leadership Rewards –As part of our curriculum vison for 2021 onwards we have been integrating more leadership skills into the lessons at the academy and consequently you will start to see student rewards for leadership skills such as “Taking Responsibility”, “Setting Goals”, and “Taking responsibility for group outcomes”

Leadership Competencies – All students now have access to “Unifrog”. This has a wide range of services to offer the student including careers advice, CV building, writing personal statements, recording competencies including leadership and team work, how to guides for Universities, links to Apprenticeships, simple ways to sign up for MOOCs and much more.  

We are asking students to start building their Competencies through the work they are doing in and outside or school.

Leadership Awards

The Duke of Edinburgh Award has started up again for 2021-2022 and it is a very busy time. This term our year 11's completed their Bronze expeditions while current year 10's will finish theirs in the summer along with year 11 participants doing Silver and year 13 doing Gold.

We will also be bringing in the next cohorts with year 9+10 signing up for Bronze, year 11 for Silver and year 12 for Gold.

The Award, at all levels, involves far more than just the expeditions.  Participants gain huge value and recognition from volunteering, learning/improving a skill and being physically active.  Typically our Duke of Edinburgh students collectively complete over 500 hours or volunteering a month making a wonderful contribution to their communities which they can correctly feel proud about!

Futures Program

Applications have all been completed for the Churchill futures program for year 11 students with high aspirations to study A-levels and attend a Russell Group University. Around 25 students will embark on the program which will include bespoke “Learning Visits” to places that have previously included Universities, Engineering firm, Accountants, Media studios, architects, banks and law firms. They will spend time researching career options and meet with under graduates in their chosen field.